Attorney Harold Ralph Burke of Greenwich, CT gave excellent advice-- quickly, completely and clearly answered. Thank you, Attorney Burke, I appreciate it!

Great advice!

Posted by JC

You won't find a more dedicated lawyer than Harold. He will be your tireless crusader and will not hesitate in your representation. Finally, a lawyer who believes in his clients and cares about them as an individual and about a true successful outcome of their case. He represented me in a matrimonial matter on an appeal - took it to the highest Court in New York, and was successful! As a lawyer myself in a different field, I know what makes an outstanding attorney stand out in a sea of mediocre attorneys, and Harold is most definitely in the class of outstanding attorneys.

Dedicated and fearless

Posted by S.L.

Harold is the type of attorney that I wish everyone could experience and have the pleasure of his representation. He is extremely thoughtful, listens to the facts presented him, gives unbiased factual feedback, and represents you with class and dignity. He does not look to gouge the other party (unlike the attorney we faced), and he kept the dialogue civil and professional, despite the challenges one faces in civil litigation where opposing counsel can act quite interestingly. He managed to extract me from a 25 year marriage in 9 months, with significant assets effectively being split, and only one year of alimony - who could ask for better results than that! Further, he was extremely aware of tax implications of assets being disposed, loss carry forwards and a host of other material items that needed to be incorporated into a resolution and he did so effectively and surgically. I could not have been asked to be better represented that the job he performed so well for me. He is the kind of knowledgeable person that, regardless of the type of litigation one is contemplating, his professional guidance, thoughtfulness and experience just make him a rare find in this world! And, he is simply a good human being in a world where so many have lost touch with reality. I couldn't more strongly endorse his skills and professionalism, and that comes from someone who spent 35 years on Wall Street, so I don't make that endorsement lightly!

Divorce litigation

Posted by anonymous

Harold provided me with professional advise and support during my divorce. He was always professional, never did he show mean or vindictive side when dealing with delicate matters during my divorce. I always felt he had my back and my best interest in mind.

Highly Professional, knowledgeable, great integrity.

Posted by Alan

I have had an occasion to call on Mister Burke several times, and he has always come through on my behalf. It is comforting to know I can rely on someone's legal expertise when needed.

finding a reliable attorney

Posted by Karl

Attorney Burke has been representing me in a series of interrelated family cases pending in state and federal court. These cases have presented novel issues of law that he has done a great job of understanding, simplifying, and communicating to others. I highly recommend him.

Excellent lawyer

Posted by anonymous

Harold Burke was my first choice when I was facing a life-altering case in CT family court. I am very pleased to work together. He was resourceful and skilled in his work and, when working, completely dedicated to my position. I knew I wanted a sole practitioner or a smaller firm. Harold has the skills of the big firm yet charges reasonably. One does have to be patient at times when a sole practitioner is working with other clients. When Harold is with you, he gives 200%. Regarding the outcome of my case, there is an old adage in law, "No settlement makes both parties completely satisfied". I am more than happy with Harold's work and commitment to my cause.

Excellent Attorney

Posted by Elizabeth